Analysis and Patents

Market research on the state-of-the-art
Services of analysis on what the market offers today, research for patent restrictions, consultancy on new and innovative solutions and development of new items/products.
Assistance and support for the drafting of invention or product utility patents.

Product industrial design

Product industrial design
We create new forms and solutions for machinery and industrial production equipment, the main operating fields are: medical; industrial machinery; service equipment; work centres and product distributors; etc. …
The creation of project forms always takes into account their subsequent feasibility and industrialization, thus considering all proposals for usable materials and production processes of their final realization.
From the draft we pass then to a first 3D modelling for additional assessments of mechanical and engineering limitations.

CAD 3D design

3D CAD design, research and graphic presentation of the productCAD 3D design, design research and graphic presentation of product
Analysis of product industrialization, checks for material choices, components, methods to be used, with subsequent drafting of graphic presentation and developing process.